We offer durable and good quality pop-up tents for your team for harsh racing conditions. Based on the size of the tent it is also a great space for advertisement.

You have several options to make the tent stand out from the others. One option is to use sponsors´ logos. The other alternative is even more personal, we can cover the whole tent with your special design and imago. If needed, we can use the same design solutions as on your stickers, jerseys, helmets and make a custom designed tent just for your team.

The roof and walls of the tent are made of 500D polyester fabric, which is extremely water, flame and UV-ray resistant. For tents with digital prints we use 600D polyester fabric, which has the same excellent properties as above listed.

High quality and durable frames enable to put up the tent quickly wherever needed, without any tools.

Tent frames are made from aluminum and joints from durable nylon alloy. If anything should happen to the tent during the competition, then there is no need to worry as all the details are replaceable.
Feet of the tents´ are made from hexagonal aluminum profile to ensure greater durability. It also has convenient quick fix, made from nylon alloy, to fix the height.

As the users of the tent have different requirements, the tent can also be provided with walls with windows and leg weights, which are necessary if the tent is installed on a hard surface.

Tents with window walls are great when you want to be abreast with what is going on outside and enjoy more daylight.
Footplates are handy in places where you cannot fix the tent directly into the ground. We offer two kinds of footplates 15kg and 30 kg.

Tents mesurements:

2 x 2m.

3 x 3m.

3 x 4.5m.

3 x 6m.

4 x 4m.

4 x 6m.

Contact us now and we will make your team a great offer.