Decal materials and production technology

We can offer you durable and high quality products because we have been testing our decals over the past couple of years. For manufacturing our decals we use only high quality materials that are created especially for motocross. Therefore we can guarantee you long lasting stickiness and durability in harsh conditions. Regardless the durability our decals can be easily removed without damaging the surface.

Jersey materials and production technology

Your comfort is important to us, therefore we manufacture our Jerseys from durable and breathable quick-drying fabric with long lasting vivid colours. How can we do that? It’s simple-we are manufacturing our Jerseys the same way the big companies do.

Our production technology allows us to be flexible, therefore we can create design that meets all your needs and fits perfectly with your bike. It’s easy to add to the Jersey design your name, competition number and logos of your sponsors without having to add them later as they already will be part of the design.

Division of products:

Custom made products

These are products that consider 100% your unique style and needs. We offer custom design solutions for individual riders and motocross teams. With this product line we can guarantee you exceptionality and distinctiveness.

Semi-Custom products

These products are already previously designed by us. You can add your name, competition number and logos of your sponsors. But as we said before, we are flexible, therefore, regardless previously created designs, you can still relocate or remove some design details and find the best suitable colour for you!

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We would like to establish a long term partnership with you. We will do our best to provide you with highest satisfaction with our products and service but if still some mistakes occur, we would like to eliminate them as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Our warranty is valid if:

  • products you received have defects or damages caused by us;
  • some details are missing from the decal sets you ordered;
  • there are some details that cannot be applied to your bike model.

Please inform us immediately if any of the above listed occur. We will make necessary changes in the frames of the warranty and send you (without a shipping cost) correct ones. We will have the right to ask you for additional information and for digital photos.