Special Orders

Are you looking for something more special than average design or the one that your competitor already has on the starting line? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place!

You have the opportunity to create your own unique design in collaboration with our designers. You no longer have to be similar to your competitors or copy somebody else’s style. Our designers work hard to create you the design that will meet your special needs.

This product category includes the design of the decals, race jerseys and pit jerseys. While ordering a full custom product for the first time, a full-set design will be created. One-time designing fee will be charged in addition to set cost.

When you order a full custom product for the first time, we will create a design suitable for a full-set, therefore in addition to a set cost, one-time designing fee will be added. Next time you will be able to order products with the same design without extra costs.



Custom Design Ordering Form

Design style (n. calm, with plenty of detail )
The main colour
Plastics colour
Theme (n. Casino, Cartoon...)
Objects (sculls, stars, stripes...)
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