Is it possible to see the design before the decals are produced?

We will send an example of the design to your e-mail before we start producing the decals. After you
have approved the design, the production of the decals begins and any further changes concerning
the decals are not possible. Please check the example very carefully because any claims regarding
the position of logos or font of the name and number will not be taken into account.

What payment options are available?

It is possible to make your payment using the bank links to Swedbank, SEB and Nordea. You can
also pay via PayPal and with an advanced payment invoice. If you have chosen advance payment
invoice method you to will receive an invoice (pdf format) to your e-mail. After you have made the
payment production of the decals will begin.

I have an enduro model bike, but I have the MX front plate instead of the headlight. Can I order the MX front plate instead of the headlight?

Yes, when making your order you just write in the comments section that you have an MX front plate
instead of the headlight.

What does “Order status” mean?

Order status shows at which stadium is you order.

Which countries do you ship your products?

The list of the countries that we ship to can be found here.

Why should I register as a client?

As a registered client you will be able to receive personal discounts (if there is a discount, you will
be able to see your discount percentage). In addition to this you will also be able to see the status of
your order and later on skip filling the contact data sheet. Also, you can easily upload (to our server)
your logos which you want to use on the design.

How can I send you the logos I want to use?

If you have a less common logos that you would like to use, it is possible to upload them to our
server through the customer interface (this is possible when you are registered as a client). It is not
necessary to send us the international corporate logos since most of them we have already.